A Letter from Ted Marrs, President:

Abrahamse Primary Service Area

I appreciate your taking time to allow me to introduce Abrahamse & Company Builders, Inc.  We specialize in home building, remodeling and commercial projects in central Virginia.  Our team only does custom work.  And we’ve been doing it well for more than 45 years.

We’ve been successful for so long because we’ve built a great reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality of workmanship, staying on budget and on schedule.  The way we do this is by developing a close, collaborative relationship with the architect or designer and the client, and by getting involved as early as possible in the planning process.  This team approach has consistently proven to make each project run more smoothly and efficiently with no surprises.

We’re better able to control our costs and delivery schedules by utilizing our experienced in-house building team.  And, we take pride in standing by our work long after the project is completed.

In order to really appreciate what makes us a unique organization, however, it’s also important to understand the core values that guide us in everything we do.

We are a team that is passionate about what we do.  We love coming to work each day knowing there will be new opportunities to collaborate and build. We enjoy and embrace the challenge of competing against ourselves to make each project better. And, we work to ensure that the advice and support we offer is better each time.

We work as a team, with our client and an architect or designer, and together we transform the client’s concept into a blueprint to build. This involves collaboration of creativity, diligent work, and providing detailed cost estimates that help to guide this endeavor.  Once the team has reached an acceptable design and budget, the fun really begins. We get to build!

We love building. We love the process involved in building, remodeling, or renovating a home, an office space or church. We love managing the process, the hands on aspect of building, and the opportunities for problem solving.

Each project being unique, each client being unique, this is our passion: the opportunity to have a distinctive and unique challenge each time. That is why you will not find “house plans” in our office. We never build the same thing twice.

These core values are what motivate us each and every day and bind us together as a team.  Our hope is that you allow us the opportunity to be a member of your team.

Very Truly Yours,

Ted Marrs

Abrahamse & Company Builders, Inc.